OVIEDO, 29-30th NOVEMBER, 2018
Context and Scope

The Regional Development Agency of Asturias (IDEPA) together with the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) co-organise this international conference that will give practical insights into innovation inside Development Agencies. It is important to change our organisations to provide impact. Development agencies have to readapt continuously their services and organisation to keep their leading role supporting the economic growth in their territories. There is a need of establishing internal flexible structures in development agencies capable of giving a respond to the high dynamic demands of the local companies. There is an increased need of transparency because society requests a better accountability of the public resources invested. Furthermore there are changes in the role of the agencies established by the government and there is a need to readapt to regulations.

Aims and objectives

This conference focuses on organisational innovation issues in the context of the activity that development agencies are carrying out to support the economic growth in their territories. It aims to bring a new frame of reference in the internal structures of development agencies and how they interact with other regional actors.


The event is mainly directed towards top executives and managers working in development agencies. However the international conference is open to any regional stakeholder (Clusters, Industrial Associations, Chambers of commerce, etc.) interested on continuous innovation inside public organisation and impact generation. The conference is open to any expert interested in sharing knowledge and learning from the experiences in other countries. There will be a wide variety of participants mainly from development agencies sharing in depth knowledge.


Every year regional practitioners working in development agencies meet two times in international conferences to share experiences and learn together about how to address common challenges:

  • Agorada is the meeting that takes place in spring in Brussels to learn about how EU institutions support economic growth

  • Agorada+ takes place in Autumn and it hosted by a development agency to specifically showcase good practices implemented in the territory


The Development Agency of Asturias (IDEPA) was awarded as the best development agency of the year 2017 for its Open Innovation 4.0 program. IDEPA has an outstanding track record of innovative development agency, with strong linkage to innovative corporations and regional stakeholder that serve as an inspiration model for other agencies in Europe.

Benefits to participate

The conference will feed future collaborations between experts, professionals and relevant partners across EU. It will be an opportunity to learn from international best practices. Participants will find opportunities for introducing their works and share their know-how in improving the impact of their development agencies. It will help to increase the awareness of concepts of organisation change and impact in development agencies across Europe.


Please register in the following link. We will ask you to provide a short summary of your profile and professional activities to facilitate the interactions with other participants in this international conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone us to +32 22 87 08 32 (office) or +32 483378008 (mobile) for any information you may need.