Europe on the Horizon: Specialization and Collaboration - Future Proposals from Asturias

On 29th November will take place at the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, the XXVII Business Meetings of Asturias, which will address future issues of the Asturian industry that allow us to improve the innovation capabilities of our business, from the perspective of regional specialization and the cooperation. In the meeting, we wish to offer our companies the chance to discover new innovation trends first hand, as the influence that European, national and regional policies have on them.

To do this, we have designed a programme in which, using different priorities of the Asturian Regional Smart Specialisation Strategy. We will broach the different programme contents: the vision that the Ministry and Asturias have of the challenges and opportunities of our industry; the digital transformation of industry and its convergence towards a new collaboration model that manages to speed up transfer, such as the Digital Innovation Hubs; the opportunity to create regional value chains of our industrial production capacities, such as offshore energy, to face the demands of international markets, and to facilitate technology cooperation between territories. Finally, we will address the concepts Circular Economy as a new cycle for the processes industry, where concepts such as industrial symbiosis and regional sustainability are combined.

Throughout the meetings, regional companies that are undergoing innovative experiences in some of the regional specialisation fields will give presentations in PechaKucha format (20 slides lasting 20 seconds each).

16:00-16:15 // Greeting attendees

16:15-16:30 // Welcome
Isaac Pola Alonso, regional Minister of Employment, Industry and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias
Belarmino Feito Álvarez, president of FADE

16:30-17:00 // Two-sided conversation about the Industry's future
Eva Pando Iglesias, CEO of IDEPA
Fernando Valdés Verelst, assistant secretary of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

17:00-17:40 // Specialisation and collaboration to digitalise regional industry
TheSteelPrinters Saul Remis García, CEO
ITMA and PRODINTEC Foundations Ínigo Felgueroso Fernández San Julián, managing director
CTIC Foundation Pablo Priesca Balbín, director
PechaKucha Presentation: The creative innovation of the market TRIDITIVE

17:50-18:30 // Global value chains to anticipate market evolution
EDP Renovables Bautista Rodríguez Sánchez, technical director
Vanguard Initiative Mikel Irujo Amezaga, president
Metalndustry4 Guillermo Ulacia Arnaiz, president
PechaKucha Presentation: The creative innovation of the market ADN MOBILE

18:40-19:20 // New generation of the processes Industry Industrial symbiosis and regional sustainability
SPIRE Ángels Orduna Cao, executive director
Industrial Química del Nalón Alfonso Martínez Fernández, Adviser
Directorate-General of Environmental Quality of the Principality of Asturias María de la Paz Orviz Ibáñez, CEO
PechaKucha Presentation: The creative innovation of the market NEOALGAE

19:30 // Networking Cocktail